The Friends of the Rydings Park, Library, Art Gallery and War Memorial


To promote the greater use of the Rydings Park complex at Brighouse by working with the Local Authority, Brighouse Business Community, Voluntary Organisations and the local population, in the form of a partnership to promote Educational and Cultural Projects for the benefit of Brighouse and Calderdale.


The preservation and improvement of the facilities of Rydings Park for the benefit of the community by the provision of facilities for education, recreation and other leisure time occupation in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants of the community.


Membership of the Friends is open to anyone who has an interest in the Rydings Park complex whether resident in the ‘Borough of Brighouse’ or beyond. In short membership is open after payment of the agreed subscription to anyone who supports any form of educational or cultural usage of the Rydings complex.

The organisation is to be a voluntary body operating on a not-for –profit making basis. All money raised is to be used, after payment of legitimate expenses, for the promotion of the Rydings Park complex, and any usage, thereof.

Management Committee 

The management of the group will be the responsibility of an elected management Committee (the Committee within the terms of this constitution). The committee will consist of :

A Chairperson

A Vice Chairperson

A Secretary

An Events Secretary

A Treasurer/Finance officer

A Publicity Officer

Committee members (maximum of eight)

Each officer will serve for one year, but can be re-elected a maximum of three times for any one post.

A Quorum will consist of an elected officer (in order as above to chair) plus at least four other Committee Members.

Any number of sub- committees or ad-hoc working groups can be set up as authorised by the Committee to deal with aspects of the work of the whole committee, but recommendations are to be ratified  by the full Committee.

Annual General Meetings and Committee Meetings 

The A.G.M. will be held no later than fifteen months after the preceding A.G.M.. This will be advertised in the Press, with at least 28 days notice. All members will be invited to attend and eligible for nomination and election to the committee or officers posts. Each member will be entitled to vote.

Any nominations should be notified to the Secretary not less than three working days from the A.G.M. If nominations for management posts are not received prior to the start of the meeting, nominations can be accepted from the floor of the meeting.

Regular Committee meetings will be held at no greater than three monthly intervals, but it is envisaged that monthly meetings will be the norm.

Any Extra-Ordinary General Meeting will be organised by any Elected Officer following the receipt of a request to the Secretary by either two elected officers or a group of ordinary members (or in the case of a request by the Secretary to the Chair). This will require seven clear days notice and only the business notified to the Secretary (Chair) will be discussed.

Rules and Procedures 

Decisions will be taken by majority vote, the Chair having a casting vote where equal votes are cast.

All meetings will be minuted, and all proceedings and resolutions recorded. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times. All press releases will be the responsibility of the Committee or its elected officer.


The Treasurer will be authorised to set up and maintain in proper order a bank account for the use of the Committee. The signatories will be four elected officers, or one other at the discretion of the Committee and there will be joint signatories, any two which will be authorised to sign cheques on behalf of the Committee. Any monies to be paid will be by cheque with signatories as above, and receipts will be kept for the purpose of accountancy. All monies received will be paid into the account before expenditure is drawn. The Treasurer being the only officer authorised to keep a small petty cash amount with separate accounting.

Any money raised by the Friends shall be used to further the aims of The Friends as set out in this constitution. Any legitimate expenses will be met from the funds.

In the event of the Friends becoming a registered charity and trust fund the Treasurer and Committee will not be entitled to hold any paid post or profit by the activities of the organisation, but would continue until trustees could be found to administer the funds of the Friends.

Changes to the Constitution 

Any changes to this Constitution or articles therein will only be made at an A.G.M., or E.G.M. called for that purpose, providing that twenty eight-days notice has been given to the Secretary.


The Committee will only be dissolved should all the Aims and Objectives be met, or the necessity for support of volunteer organisations be no longer required. This decision will be taken after the Secretary has received twenty-eight days notice of an E.G.M. specifically convened for the purpose if the majority of the people at that meeting so agree. Any monies remaining apart from those granted by agencies for whom terms of references leaves The Friends obliged to return will be distributed between Brighouse Art Groups.


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