Equal Opportunities Policy

The Friends of the Rydings is and equal opportunities organisation

  • The friends of the Rydings recognises that the Sex Discrimination Act, the Race Relations Act and the Disability Discrimination Act on their own , have not brought equal opportunities in all sectors of the community. It further recognises that discrimination can be either direct or indirect through practices which have discriminatory effects.
  • The aim of the Friends of the Rydings Equal Opportunities Policy therefore is to ensure that no volunteer or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds stated above and to eliminate all practices which prevent equal opportunities within the organisation.
  • The Friends of the Rydings is committed to taking positive action to redress discrimination and to allow all members to make a full and effective contribution to the Friends.
  • All opportunities within the Friends will have equality of access to all members of the organisation (excepting legal exemptions and through occupational qualifications or where subject to CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checks).
  • The Friends of the Rydings will take all reasonable care in ensuring that the disabled, ethnic minorities and women are equally represented throughout the organisation.
  • The Friends  of the Rydings wherever possible will ensure that facilities are available for the disabled in order that they can take an active part in the organisations events and management.
  • The Friends of the Rydings are also committed to monitoring this policy in a efficient and confidential manner at all times to ensure the effective implementation of this policy.


  • The management group of the Friends of the Rydings have a particular responsibility to monitor and ensure that this policy is understood amongst its members.

This should be achieved by:

  • Ensure that all members are aware of the groups Equal Opportunities Policy.
  • Ensure that grievances are dealt with swiftly, consistently and sympathetically.
  • Identify and seek to remove practices which may lead to discrimination
  • Assess training needs for members with regard to the groups Equal Opportunities Policy. 


The management group has overall responsibility for ensuring that there is not discrimination. Nevertheless, the behaviour and attitudes of individual members are crucial in the successful application of the Friends of the Rydings Equal Opportunities Policy.

Consequently individual members should:

  • Ensure that association members and members of the public are not discriminated against.
  • Co-operate with measures enshrined in this document to ensure equal opportunities and non-discriminatory practices.
  • Prevent inducements to members or the management group to discriminate
  • Ensure that victimisation or attempts to victimise individuals on the grounds they have made a complaint or provide information on discrimination does not occur.
  • Ensure that other members of the group or members of the general public are not harassed, abused or intimidated on the grounds of their sex, marital status, age, race, nationality, disability, sexuality or religious belief.
  • Inform the management group if they are aware of any of these forms of discrimination are taking place. 

It will be a condition of membership and membership of the management group that this policy is adhered to and failure to do so will result in disciplinary action being taken.


This policy will be subject to review in light of new legislation and its implementation communicated thereafter.




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