Green Policy

The Friends of the Rydings Park, Library, Art Gallery and War Memorial, hereafter known as the Friends, are keen to ensure that whatever their activities that it conforms with initiatives that comply with a Green agenda. This would ensure that the activities of the group comply with measures that would reduce their impact on the environment.

This would include measures to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ at every opportunity by:

Informing the members and encouraging action from everyone at every public and private event held by the Friends

  • Continue to develop and update policies for the protection of the environment at every opportunity based on advice published by Calderdale MBC and other national and local bodies.
  • Reduce paper and other waste at all events through minimum publication of posters, programmes and tickets and recycling paper where possible.
  • Recycling bottles and waste from performances and events
  • Purchase items with the least amount of packaging or biodegradable materials.
  • Buy materials in bulk where possible and recycle stationary equipment ie ink cartridges, paper etc.
  • Review the level of heating at events and to economise where possible
  • Encourage the minimum use of cars and seek alternative forms of transport where possible.
  • Explore energy saving measures in the performance spaces and venues for events where possible.
  • Encourage personal energy saving from members through advice and information.
  • Raise awareness of environmental issues through correspondence with members of the Friends.



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